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Linux Assembly Language Programming (Prentice Hall Open Source Technology)

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 2.8

Customer Rating: 3
Summary: OK, but not really as good as it promised to be.
Comment: GAS (the Gnu Compiler Assembler) with the AT&T format is what I use, so all the examples felt really short with their NASM syntax. Sorry I didn't bother switching to a different tool, already familiar with the one I use. I suspect that Linux is here in the title to attract wannabe gurus, because the in-depth treatment of the kernel is really light. I recommend Linux kernel internals and the Intel (free) Pentium manuals for a better coverage. If you are novice, then this book may be a way to motivate you to go further in your device driver writer journey. The book doesn't have too many typos/errors and makes up for a pleasant reading.

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Beginners only?
Comment: I'll admit, the title is more than a bit misleading. The book is written for an introductory course in assembly language programming, and that's what it does. All the assembly is in intel syntax, no AT&T, which is what is predominantly used in linux programming. However, it is good at what it is meant for. It teaches the reader about assembly language, and how the operating system works. I found it to be an extremely easy introduction, and I believe knowledge I've gained from it will allow me to move on toward more extensive programming. I've used C and assembly for many years on my own, and I found things in here which made much more clear the reasons behind some of the 'fluff' in my open source programming projects.

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Have to agree with other reviewers...
Comment: This book is disappointing to say the least.... No reference on AT&T syntax etc. The information presented is rather disparate & lacks coherency, very confusing & difficult to excogitate. As a neophyte, I would like to be able to access all references in a central location, where I can check the assembly command; see it's syntax; look up the CPU instruction; check it's syntax & see how it relates to the register in question, whilst at the same time I want a brief description of the register; what it's name means & what it does; have a list of system call numbers; their descriptions & functions etc. Kernel internals were briefly discussed but left much wanting. Free documentation served me much better. If you know what you want it's all availible online.