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Building Professional Web Sites with the Right Tools: Build It With Visual Studio 6, FrontPage, Active Server Pages, VBScript, JavaScript, ADO, Paint Shop Pro, and Image Composer

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: Poor For Advanced Users
Comment: I bought this book because it covered all the tools that I use for web development, hoping that it would give me further insight into developing with those tools. However because it covers such a vast array of subjects it only delves on the fundementals.

Customer Rating: 3
Summary: Good for seeing an implementation of ASP, but otherwise...
Comment: The best reason to read "Building Professional Web Sites", I think, is to see a thorough example of how Active Server Pages can be used to make a web site "dynamic". But you'll need to know something of ASP before you begin.

In addition to ASP, the book explains all of the other steps in building the example web site, but it overtreats the simpler material and glosses over the complex. For example, there are pages and pages of figures showing what are basically the same installation screens for each piece of software you'll be using; meanwhile, VBScript code, used in ASP, is often put forth as if its purpose and mechanism is obvious. "Visual Interdev" is one of the "tools" the book requires, yet its function is far from obvious. The program is ostensibly for creating ASP pages, but ASP code is never presented in the context of using the Interdev software. Finally, the preface, having almost nothing to do with the rest of the book, goes on about programming nostalgia, and is tangential enough to scare off an earnest beginner.

There is "something for everyone" here, but that's not a good thing, because you're paying for everyone else's portion :-). Who, then, is the target reader? This is, as a whole, _definitely_ not for beginners with no programming knowledge, and advanced users will find much of the book extraneous (how to install your software, how to make graphic icons in a paint program). Intermediate readers like me get the most benefit, in terms of the number of subjects which are at our level.

Rated "Three stars" since the book has a fairly grand mission to live up to, and though I find the problems quite glaring, it is not "poor" by any means.

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Don't waste your money on this one!
Comment: Worst book on web development I've ever purchased! Don't waste your money on it.. I glanced through the book once and tossed it on the shelf and never picked it up agian. It jumps from subject to subject never throughly covering anything. If you need a book on web development, select books by Wrox Press or O'Reilly. nuf said. Well... AMAZON how do I give it ZERO STARS?