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Complete PERL Training Course, The

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 2

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Awful! A waste of money
Comment: I agree completely with "A Reader from Colorado Springs" below. The hissing s habit the author has makes using the Cd irritating, and there are so many mistakes in it it's not worth using, yet the price on the package is substantially higher than a book because of it. The cd should have come with the book as a freebie if at all.

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Wait for the next edition!
Comment: This could be a great learning tool but isn't. The book that is included, Perl by Example, is very good and has many complete Perl programs. But the CD that is added for the Complete Training Package is not worth the extra cost. The audio is poor in quality and lacks enthusiasm. There are errors in the content and many inconsistencies between the code examples and the audio that describes it. At this price I expected much more...wait for the second edition!

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: What could have been great isn't!
Comment: Many of the audio clips are of extremely poor quality. The author has the habit (as many of us do) of ssssshhing all her s's. This is why most studios place the foam over the mic. The recordings were obviously done in a non-studio enviornment nor with the door closed to the room in which she was recording. You can hear children in the background playing and in one of the clips the *passing Train* was so loud that it not only drowns out the audio, it was painful as well. Additionally, the author has absolutely no enthusiasm in her recordings. There just being read and not well.

What could have been an excellent vehicle to train with (and should be at $100!!) is utterly destroyed by the audio clips.

Until the revised edition (???) comes out please leave this book/CD-ROM on the shelf and your money in your pocket.

Prentice Hall should recall this product and fix the audio clips.