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Advanced JavaScript: Insights and Innovative Techniques

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 4

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: Not an advanced book at all
Comment: I was looking for a book I could use as training materials for my company's overseas teams. I thought this was it, but I was wrong. If any experienced web developer looks at the author's website, it is VERY clear he's an amateur. He didn't even spellcheck his own resume and the design of that page! tsk tsk.
As for this being an 'advanced' book for javascript-ers. It ain't. It's maybe 'advanced beginner', that's about all. Even his examples are not good coding examples. Really, it's too bad he didn't do a better job! For shame. Hey, I'd write a book on javascript but I've written books and frankly they don't pay enough for me to bother. I wish I could recommend a good book on javascript, but since I am self taught on that subject, I cannot. But don't waste your money on this book, if you are really looking for 'advanced techniques' because they aren't in THIS book. I do recommend "Speed up your website" and "Professional Web Design" and the Complete Reference for HTML". Of course, let's not forget Eric Meyer's book on CSS, that one is pretty good, but somewhat amateurish, too. The first two I recommend are the best. Hey if you are thinking of learning advanced javascript, you're better off spending your time learning xml and xhtml inside and out.... and maybe or C#. (I'd say 'imho' but hey I've been working with computers since I was 13... and that's 41 years now, so humble I'm not, but knowledgeable I AM.)

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Advanced JavaScript
Comment: Buy this book if you are interested in bringing your JavaScript skills to an advanced level.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: blown away
Comment: this is probaly one of the most helpful and informative books on the market today for HTML. its nicely laid out and has so much info that i had to stop every paragraph to soak it all in