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Core Perl

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Average Customer Rating: 5

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: If you can only buy one book on Perl, buy this book.
Comment: I have taught several Perl courses in the past and had used both the "Programming Perl" and "Perl in 21 Days" books for my courses. I have since switched to using "Core Perl" for my Perl courses. "Core Perl" is concise without being terse, well organized, and very thorough in its coverage. This book can be useful to both beginning and advanced Perl programmers. In addition to Perl, the book covers the DBI interface, CGI programming, Mason, and mod_perl, so it is perfect for people that are looking to Perl for building web applications. If you want to learn Perl, or extend your current Perl knowledge, this is the book to get.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: If you want to bridge the gap between...
Comment: "Learning Perl" and "Perl Cookbook" than buy this book! Although advertised for experienced developers this book has a nice Perl basics starting point.

This is a great companion book to the cookbook, without jumping into 'Accessing Substrings' on page 3 (like the cookbook does.) Lerner warms the reader up with about fifty pages of getting started information that I found to be useful reference material while reading later chapters.

Besides the content of this book, I especially appreciate the style of the book. Effective use of whitespace even Tufte would appreciate which makes the content jump off the page. The use of simple and easy to follow syntax can never be understated especially in this language.

The only fault I could find is a recommendation for the book "Advanced Perl Programming."