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Weaving a Website: Programming in HTML, Java Script, Perl and Java

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Average Customer Rating: 2.67

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: From a former student
Comment: I'm a former student of Dr. Anderson-Freed and I am currently a professional web developer. I have seen this book in two classes on web programming, the first time in a draft form and the second time in its current form. Having seen the errors and typos in the draft, and having pointed them out during class, I had hoped that the final print of the book would contain at least some of the corrections. Unfortunately, as another reviewer has pointed out, the book still contains numerous errors, typos, and just plain incorrect programming.

I still own a copy of her book because I have penned in corrections to many of the errors in the book. It covers a little bit of everything, and the little bit of reference I need for Perl and Java are met by this book and web references. However, I also currently own and recommend the HTML 4 Bible and JavaScript Bible, both published by IDG Books. I would recommend the Bible series of computer books over Dr. Anderson-Freed's book to anyone who requires a web-related programming reference. The same goes for IWU students who are taking her classes: don't buy this book. While her book contains many examples (many of which she uses in class), a good portion of her examples have code that does not produce the desired results. You would be better off reading another text and recreating the examples on your own.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: The best JavaScript out there
Comment: THis book is very very good
im in college and the webdesign teacher suggested a different book and i took a gamble and got this book instead and i love it

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Programming garbage; error ridden book
Comment: This is an absolutely horrible, error ridden book. My college uses this book, with the knowledge how bad it is. The woman can't even get a logical true and false table correct! She does not even use the standard programing format in Javascript. If you want such garbage go ahead and buy it! There are other books that are more informative and without such numerous errors in the text.