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Perl 5 Programmer's Notebook

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3.33

Customer Rating: 3
Summary: Good book, but not the ultimate tutorial
Comment: The title "Programmer's Notebook" makes it seem like it's a reference for Perl programmers, which to me it's not. I'm not saying it's a bad book - it's a good book actually, but serves more as a side book. It covers the basics of Perl, very well in a friendly manner. What it doesn't do is get into a little more depth on each topic. The sample code is usually very short programs or code snippets to illustrate a point. The bad: there's no mention of network programming, references, OOP, databases, setting up Perl on any machine... even a hint of it would've been good, or a link. The humongous glossary could've had more than 8 words on it I think (it only has 8 words on it).

I think it's an overall good book. I don't suggest it be your only Perl book, but a side book when you're unsure about a topic and want to look up a basic concept. If you have a programming background, and want to learn the practical way, give it a shot.
If you know C++ and PHP, it will make more sense.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Perl5 Programmer's Notebook
Comment: This book is pretty simple and easy to learn!

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: Avoid this book
Comment: $35 for 250 pages of large type is no deal at all.

It's hard to read. The typography is dreadful. Everything is swimming in a morass of similar typefaces.

Plus, it teaches the manual way of handling CGI form parms, without explaining why they work, or discussing