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Essential JavaScript for Web Professionals

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 2.57

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: Good idea.. poor delivery -- beginners don't bother!
Comment: I liked the start of the book. You have just been hired to improve the web site for Shelly Biotechnologies..... The book contains a series of assignments or projects you solve. I don't see how a beginner can understand any of yet. I am professional programmer looking for teaching material for a JavaScript class. If I selected this book I would have had to teach a lot of programming concepts because the authors left it all out or didn't cover it in sufficient detail. I also agree with the folks about the numerous errors. I also question the programming expertise of the authors. I saw some unneccesary consructs that grated on my programming nerves (how could they miss it? do they really know how to program?) If they meant to produce a "copy and paste" approach to JavaScript. By this I mean, copy and paste this into your HTML make the required changes for your images or objects and don't worry about understanding anything. They failed. If it was meant to teach PROGRAMMING Javascript, they failed. If it was meant to familiarize a professional programmer with Javascript, they failed here too. So what was the point? I instruct my students to first "identify your audience", these authors should have done the same! I do not recommend this book. Check out the book "Internet & World Wide Web, How to Program" by Deitel. It is my selection as a JavaScript text. This book is not on my supplemental recommendation list.

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Good book for those familar with programming
Comment: I thought this book was great. It gives a quick enough overview to keep the attention of a student or professional. This book is not going to be a reference manual, but it is good enough to teach you the basics so you can get a feel for the language, what it does, and put it on your resume.

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: Well done book.
Comment: I see that there are readers of this book that are a little upset that they were unable to use this book as a learning tool, but as a reference, this book can't be beat.

As the title states, it is for Web Professionals. If you are just learning, I reccomend that you start small and work up to this book, you won't be sorry.