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LINUX Routers: A Primer for Network Administrators

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 4.88

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Your Thinking + This book = Accomplishment/Satisfaction
Comment: This is the most practical book I have seen (without the word "Practical" in the title). I am a student who wants to setup a network in my dorm room. Here is what I did:

My PCs are in the school network, only one of which is known to the school servers. By reading chap 1-3, I activated ip_forwarding feature of kernel( >= 2.2.x->the book came out around this time). Doesn't work. I think about the situation. My PCs(in my network) see the outside servers but school servers don't see me. Answer: ip_masquerading->open up the packets of PCs inside the network, replacing the address with my router address(which outsiders know) and send them out. Perfect! I love linux. Ip_masquerading is explained in chap4 or Erbium->extranet router. All of these accomplish by reading about 100 pages.
The following chapters deal with WAN routers(I can't tell you practical aspect since I don't have WAN but I will one day).
This line is for beginners: so you feel worry about not understanding about networks?->chap 1-2 explains about all necessary basics to set up the router such as ip subnets/address, how to load/compile driver into the kernel, etc.
For those who are looking for WAN, here is a quote from the book: "I have been a longtime user of Sangoma cards, and enjoyed working with them so much that I took over the Debian package of their driver utility software(called wanpipe)."->pg 130.

To see whether it suits your needs, here are the chapters:
1)Routing Building Blocks

2)Ip, Ethernet, and Telephony Basics
3)Silicon-Lan Router
4)Erbium-Extranet Router
5)Zinc-Frame Relay Router
6)Oxygen-Internet Router
7)Californium-Satellite Office Router
8)Hafnium-Internet Services Router

Note: this book doesn't describe the installation (you are not reading this if you don't know installation).

This book/Mr. Mancill took me/my confidence in linux to the next level.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: The Bible
Comment: Hands on, good book for network admins.
Linux is an excelent router and this book shows why.
I recommend this book for anyone interested in networking.
It exposes a lot of the myths and secrets of networking in a very readable fashion.
My #1 most useful book.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: The Networking Book
Comment: Excellent introduction. Topics well covered. Explanations straightforward. Logical. If you need a generic router book this is it. Highly recommended.