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Linux Administration Handbook

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 4.26

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Highly Recommended
Comment: For those who need more than simply knowing how to add a new user via the GUI.

Covers the whole gamut of Linux Admin. A lot of quality work has gone into this book, and the result shows. Everything you could possibly want to do is covered, whether it be syslog daemon config, mail server config, routing, and there are even diagrams on Serial pin-outs!!

"Well done" to the authors. A must have in any admins library.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: An Excellent Book for the Professional
Comment: This is an excellent book on the subject; it is comprehensive and very well-written. The authors explain not only how things work, but in many cases they include historical background to explain why things work as they do.

The book is clearly targeted at professional system administrators. There is little discussion of the GUI-based administration tools that come with most Linux distributions, nor are there enough examples to simply use the book as a cookbook.

The book is primarily concerned with server rather than client administration; it won't tell you how to get your sound card to work or configure your desktop environment.

For the amateur trying to configure a home Linux system, this may be the wrong book, but for a professional systems administrator, or a developer curious about the mysteries of system administration, this book is a five-star must-have.

Customer Rating: 3
Summary: Good Book with exceptionally bad index
Comment: Yes, the book is not bad... But the index at the end is so bad, basically think that the book has no index if you plan to buy it. That's like everything in linux: it seems great but just impossible to use. :-)