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CGI Programming with Visual Basic 5

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 2.5

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Are you kidding me?
Comment: Visual Basic is absolutely the wrong language to write CGI applications. The overhead required will drag your server down to a crawl.

That said, the book itself is fairly well written with lots of useful information. If you are a CGI programmer in general (C, Delphi or PowerBASIC) then there is some really useful information here. Particularly if you are a PowerBASIC programmer, since PowerBASIC can compile stand-alone executables to just a few 'k-bytes'.

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: confused even more
Comment: "Deliver CGI applications easily" says the cover of this book. After spending a whole weekend with the book, I could not get past chapter 2. Every example I tried generated confusing error messages. I'm actually using VB 6 instead of 5, and nothing in this 500+ page book suggests whether or not this is allowed. A quick look at the index tells you it is too short for a 500 page book. One of the most popular CGI applications is a counter, however, the word counter does not even appear in the index. Only 2 entries are under the letter "B" in the index. That's what I'd expect from a 20 page book. This book is written in a language that only someone who already knows the subject matter could possibly understand.

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Waste !!!
Comment: Well, in polite terms, somewhat useful but more useless than useful in any way. To be laconic " regretful buy "