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MySQL: Essential Skills

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Average Customer Rating: 5

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Rosetta Stone for MySQL
Comment: The other day I was asked to recommend a book on MySQL, which is one of the many things I am asked to do as a degreed/certified IT professional, but I digress. Knowing that most people have not yet learned the art of tech divination, I set out to find a book that would give a good basic understanding and result in the fewest phone calls for continued help from the database novice in question. While searching for this Rosetta Stone for MySQL, I came across this little gem. I skim all books I think about buying to see if the book is worth it's weight in paper, but this time I ended up reading the first two chapters at the bookshelf. The layout and content of this book is exactly what I would teach someone wanting to start using MySQL, and the computer jargon is kept to a minimum or clearly explained. This book delivers just what it promises: essential skills and a working understanding of MySQL with a bonus of PHP basics.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Like Having a Personal Tutor
Comment: One of the first questions you have to ask is: why a book on MySQL when the MySQL site provides such a comprehensive training instruction? The authors answer this very succinctly: the training manual is almost incomprehensible to anyone coming to MySQL new. I downloaded it and looked at it--they're right, it is!
So, I came to this new book with no knowledge of MySQL but with experience of teaching myself other software from books. This is the clearest and most interesting training manual I've seen for a long time. It started by explaining some of the fundamentals: the difference between open source and proprietary software and how to download the software you've chosen. Every step is accompanied by crisp screen captures and a clear explanation. What I particularly like is that the author gives the impression that she is carrying out the actions at the same time you are, so when faults and problems occur, she's found the same thing and talks you through. It's so refreshing after the number of times I've tried something from other books and not found the result I'm supposed to.
The layout of the pages is particularly pleasing, with a tips section, projects to work though and self-tests to ensure you've grasped the knowledge in each chapter. As a training specialist, I found this book a lesson in the correct use of the principles of training design.
What really made this book stand out for me as something new and different was the example that is used throughout to explain the principles of the database design: a company making clothes for pet ducks. It's so whimsical and amusing; you can't help but romp though the exercises. Who says learning coding can't be fun?
If you want to take your web site to the next level with interactive databases; if you want to learn how to design these powerful databases, then I highly recommend this crisp, clear and well-written book.