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Red Hat® Linux® 8: The Complete Reference DVD Edition

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 5

Customer Rating: 5
Comment: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media handed this book the princely crown that it deserved by shipping it with attached DVD-ROM (when comparable books that are more expensive cannot even boast of a CD-ROM). But that is just one of its numerous embellishments.
This "Red Hat Linux 8: The Complete Reference" gave a complete and comprehensive coverage of its subject. From installation and configuration, down to the complete analysis of KDE and Gnome environment, very few books matched the depth of the narration which this text provided.
While 'Red Hat' beginners may be contented with savouring the more traditional chapters like: 'Interface Basics', 'System Configuration', and 'Basic System Administration'; expert users of the Operating System would be pleased to obtain updated information from the chapters that dealt with 'Security Configuration: Encryption and Authentication', 'Web, File Transfer Protocol, and Java Clients', as well as 'Mail Server: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, Post Office Protocol, and Internet Message Access Protocol'.
This book has the interests of both beginners and experts at heart. It is versatile; and covered every important issue that anyone would need concerning 'Red Hat Linux 8' software, (both the Professional and the Personal editions). It is impeccable! Readers are bound to appreciate how it simplified 'Software Management', 'Network Tools, and 'File System Administration'. It is a fine bargain, as well as a reliable reference text for all levels of 'Red Hat Linux 8' users.