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JavaScript Programmer's Reference

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Average Customer Rating: 3.5

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: The best portable desk reference
Comment: I just finished the JavaScript Programmer's Reference. I must say that I have been wrestling with Javascript on different browsers since it came out and all my other references are dog-eared and worn out with all the wear they have received while trying to find out why things don't work (the way I think they should). This book is GREAT! It is clear, portable, and facile. I'm impressed. I wish I had something like this for all the areas I need.

Please say thanks to the authors for me.

- Bob Giuli, Internet Architect

Customer Rating: 2
Summary: Good idea - too many errors
Comment: This book attempts to provide a concise description of the JavaScript language plus the associated browser objects. It is probably not suitable for beginners who need detailed explanations, but should be useful for experienced programmers who know the basics and want a quick reference. The biggest flaw is the number of errors - I came across at least 8 in my first casual read through (if the publisher reads this, p38, 39 have a couple of particularly bad mistakes). Most of these errors are so blatant that you can easily infer the real meaning, but it smacks of poor editing. I wonder if any programmers reviewed the text before printing? For this reason, I would look elsewhere or wait for the next edition.