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Linux for Windows Addicts: A Twelve Step Program for Habitual Windows Users.

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3.6

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: (titles are so stupid for these things)
Comment: ok, this guy hates microsoft. and instead of telling you about linux, hes telling you how great it is and how bad microsoft is, instead of explaining how to go about things. but this is still a great book, and makes linux alot easier than every windows user makes it sound. but i still like windows, and i still run xp, and i like microsoft a lot. but i also run linux on the same machine, which you should too.

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Excellent for Newbies!!!
Comment: I have been trying to learn linux for over a year, without any success. Mostly it was due to bad hardware support. [....]P>This book is informative, step-by-step, easily read, and most important of all, funny! Not only have I passed into a larger world, I can now read most linux/unix books and magazines out their and understand what they are talking about. After 2 days of reading and working along with the book, I was able to set up a proxy on one computer, and browse the web off my Red Hat 7.2 computer... using Links!

Those of you who know MS windows and are newbies of the Linux world, this book is for you.

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Oh no, the author isn't biased
Comment: Near the very beginning of this book the author makes a few claims that he wouldn't take an anti-Microsoft stance. As you read it's impossible not to detect his bias all over this text.

The facts are simple, Linux is an alternative to Windows; but it's not for everyone. It's not near as easy to configure. Try to configure special audio hardware, or worse yet a cable modem connection and you're looking at a few days worth of reading, tinkering and troubleshooting something that would likely only take a hour or two (at most) on Windows. This is only one case of many where your average user just shouldn't have to deal with the innconviences of Linux. Does it make since for a superuser or Linux developer, absolutely! Does it make since for the business that wants to cut cost by putting a free OS on their desktops and servers, absolutely! Does it make since to the average home user..... Absolutely NOT!

The Linux community loves their product, and most of them HATE Microsoft and ANYTHING Microsoft produces, after trying Linux and tinkering with it for a few days, I'm not blown away at all. I see it's usefulness, but keeping things in perspective I also see Windows usefulness. regardless you SHOULD NOT use the book as a tool for helping you decide.