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Corel LINUX OS Starter Kit: The Official Guide (CD-ROM included)

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3.4

Customer Rating: 3
Summary: I liked it but it was flawed
Comment: While I enjoyed reading this book and now run the OS on my computer this book is not perfect. For one installing a printer took me through three sections with very little information just a sort of run around. I did get my printer installed but it is isn't complete. The Word Perfect 8 is not on the CD as far as I can tell it is a free download but Corel no longer offer it and the company that took over the Corel OS have nothing yet made. Now I find the OS provided very good and the book was fun and relaxing to read. I haven't finished it and I agree with another reviewer that it goes into depth on topics but I think generally it is a bit thin on important configuration of hardware issues. not a bad book I would recommend it if you need to install Linux OS on a Windows hard drive.

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: For people who want a Graphical Interface to Linux
Comment: Pros:

Probably one of the best introduction books to a Linux OS currently in print. It also deals with Corel Linux, which is a lot easier to use than a Red Hat. The chapters are organized coherently, and if your objective is to get a Linux OS up and running, you can do it simply by installing from the supplied CDROM. It also comes with WordPerfect 8.


The book deals with Corel Linux. Even though this is not necessarily bad, Red Hat may be the better choice if you are serious in implementing Linux in your system.

From Personal Experience:

This was the easiest and most stable Linux OS I installed. I have tried Red Hat and a few others, but the Linux OS that came with this book was definately the best. The one click install option is something every Linux OS should include.

Sections(6 Parts, 30 Chapters, 4 Appendixes):

Part 1 Introduction to Corel Linux: A generic introduction section that is usually included in a starter book. You will be able to install Corel Linux OS and start using it with some ease if you read this section.

Part 2 The K Desktop Environment: This section deals with basic configuration of the OS.

Part 3 Running Your Corel Linux System: A continuation of Part 2. This section has useful information about running and maintaining your OS.

Part 4 Essential System Administration: The authors lump "everything else" into this section. It might have been better if they split the programming part and hardware configuration part into two sections. The explanations they give are pretty good, even though the programming section may not be helpful that much to non-programmers.

Part 5 WordPerfect 8 for Linux: An introduction to WordPerfect 8. If you plan to use WordPerfect as your main text editor, this section is worth your time.

Part 6 Appendixes: Appendix B which explains Shell Commands and Appendix C which has links to useful websites are the most useful out of the 4 Appendixes. Appendix D has some sample Initialization Scripts which may be useful for the advanced user.

Customer Rating: 4
Summary: An excellent book for beginners
Comment: Once I began to read the book I couldn't put it down. The book is well written. The way it explains each issue is excellent. This book is a good start to this alternative OS.