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Oracle8i for Linux Starter Kit (Book/CD-ROM Package)

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Spotlight Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 3.12

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Get this and have a Oracle on Unix running at home
Comment: This beautiful book has Oracle8i enterprise version software. Even if you are a novice in Linux you can still install Oracle on top of that with the help of this book with a little attention to detail. I used RedHat 6.2 after I ran into problems with Redhat 7.0. The problem seems to be with Redhat as it was suggesting most of the time to report a bug. I then put in 6.2 and paid more attention to the text in italics in Steve's book ( be careful there). The installation was a breeze and I have now what I had wanted for a long while. Infact I have DB2UDB also (7.1) running in the same machine. I have 256 MB memory. My suggestion is to have another Linux reference as a stand by esp. if you are not very conversant with Linux. RedHat Linux System administrator's Black Book is a good one for suggestion. In my opinion this book is definitely worth buying if you are serious about exploring the possiblilities of Oracle on Linux. Oracle DBAs with Unix background are in good demand and I feel this is the right place to start towards that DBAdom.;-)

Customer Rating: 5
Summary: Very good instructions. Thorough coverage of Oracle topics.
Comment: This book is great. After trying in vain to install a download of Oracle 8.1.5 standard edition for linux I bought this book for a help reference. It comes with Oracle 8.1.6 enterprise. I got it installed and configured on Linux Mandrake 7 in about 3 hours. The Oracle instructions were great, but the linux/unix parts provide little explanation. Some knowledge of Linux is expected but I am by no means an expert. I got by with a combination of the Linux Mandrake docs and the Redhat 6.2 administrators study guide.

Customer Rating: 1
Summary: Outdated and Nonfunctional - Don't Waste Your Time
Comment: Unfortunately this book is outdated and the Linux kernel has been changed making the installation instructions inaccurate. I tried numerous times with several old versions of Linux and instructions I found on the net but there were problems with recognizing my hard drive and had no success. This book won't save you any time, avoid it...